Makerspaces- You Make It, You Take It!  7+ years
Tuesdays, January 10-May 30

Bring your family and friends to create something new each week.Visit here to see the full listings of exciting topics and activities.  Younger children require assistance.
FREE Drop-in

Kids Writing Club- 8-12 years
Wednesdays, January 11- May 31

Learn how to write, edit and publish your words while playing with words and making new friends.
FREE Drop-in

Kids Pokemon Club- 7-10 years
Thursdays, every other week starting January 12- May 18
Get together every other week to trade cards and meet new friends. You can display your collection and teach your parents about all things Pokemon.
FREE Drop-in

Robotics Club- 7-17 years
Thursdays, Every other week starting January 19th- May 25

Learn how to create and program Lego Mindstorms so they are ready to perform and even battle!
FREE Drop-in

No School Fridays!
Fridays, February 10, March 3, April 28, May 19
Looking for something to do when there's no school? Enjoy extended Innovation Lab hours, multi-player video games, board games, and creation stations.
Free, Drop-in ( Children ages 11 and under must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver)