Plan of Service

Create Young Readers: Early Literacy - Children from birth to age six will have programs and services built on a foundation of curiosity and love for literacy and learning that results in reading, social and school readiness skills. Families, parents and caregivers will have resources to foster a love for literacy and learning at home, in the community and with the online world to reduce isolation, establish a network, and sustain family units. 

Express Creativity and Inquiry: Create and Share Content - All residents will have the technology, programs and services that inspire creative and professional curiosity and interests that are supported with opportunities for self-guided learning and presentation of work. Youth 7 – 17 and Seniors will have programs and services that focus on inter-generational learning.

Participate, Connect and Engage: Be Engaged in the Community - All residents will have barrier-free access to non-partisan and unbiased information and resources that promote and support community services and civic pride in Spruce Grove. Local businesses, organizations and agencies will build a sustainable community and benefit from shared expertise, networks, promotions and resources that reduce duplication of services in Spruce Grove.

Visit a Comfortable Place: Physical and Virtual Spaces - All residents despite socio-economic status will have barrier-free access to a safe and non-judgmental environment where they feel they belong and have uninhibited access to current, accurate and consistent information in person and from home and anywhere in the world. Students of all ages will have a quiet place to study and focus.