Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Supporting our Community

$1 City of Spruce Grove invests into SGPL = $7.96 SROI. 

A total economic value of 9.5 MILLION to our community!

Social Return on Investment (SROI) reveals aspects of library service in dollar terms that would otherwise remain hidden; because the most significant value of a library is serving as a community hub, SROI provides the monetary value of the library’s cultural, social, cognitive, health, and economic benefits plus contributions to community cohesion and improved overall quality of life. 

The SROI of SGPL was determined using a process created by Ontario Library Service – North; Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport; and the NORDIK (Northern Ontario Research, Development, Ideas and Knowledge) Institute. Nordik Institute engaged with economists and an advisory committee of six public library CEOs (including one First Nation) to determine key measures and indicators.

Total Economic Benefit $9,538,117 
Benefit Per Resident $222
Benefit Per Household $583
Impact Per Open Hour $2,117
Total SROI  $7.96796%

Community Supporting SGPL

Overall use continues to rise.

An increasing demand that SGPL will not be able to meet!

Material Checkouts 343,382
Library Visitors  218,396
Website Visitors 100,214
Program Participants 60,072
Material Downloads 46,069
*Information based on the 2018 Annual Report 
In 2017, Manasc Isaac Architects completed a community needs assessment for SGPL designed for the year 2032. Currently, SGPL has a square footage of 16,000 ft2; as per Best Practices for Public Libraries in Alberta, the required square footage for SGPL in 2032 at the “enhanced” level (between the minimum “essential” and outstanding “exemplary” levels) is estimated to be 43,966 ft2.

In 2018, a community-led committee created the SGPL Plan of Service (2019-2023) after examining what library programs and services should stay and go, what the library could do more and less; the committee then recommended three priorities to be delivered at a standard of excellence: Visit a Comfortable Place, Practice and Promote Inclusion, and Encourage Literacy.  
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