Code of Conduct

To keep you safe and comfortable while using the library, every individual on library premises is asked to respect and follow SGPL's Public Code of ConductBehaviour that is illegal, unsafe, disruptive, intrusive, harassing, threatening or otherwise not appropriate in a public place is not permitted.

Library staff endeavour to apply this Code in an equitable manner. When violations occur, staff are obligated to inform violators of appropriate conduct and to state the consequences.

Use of the Library by Children 

Policy 5.0  Services - Use of the Library by Children

Parents or legal guardians must assume responsibility for deciding what library resources are appropriate for their children. Access to library resources is not limited to “age appropriate” material, and includes print, audiovisual and unfiltered Internet access.  The library’s staff is not in a position to provide this monitoring and supervision or to serve in loco parentis. 

  • Children under the age of twelve must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver in the library.
  • Children of any age who require special supervision must be accompanied by a parent or responsible caregiver at all times.
  • Children left unaccompanied in the library in violation of this policy may necessitate a referral to Children’s Services or other authorities.