Great Canadian Giving Challenge

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Find some loose change challenge: have a contest with your tots and see who can find $3.00 in change the fastest! (min.donation is $3.00 = 3 ballots) 
Skip the chips challenge: ask your kids and some of their friends to skip their fav treat and give a toonie to charity. This is a great opportunity for youth of all ages to make a difference in their community.
Spread the word challenge: support the purchase of new books and other reading material for the library.  $25
Perk up programs challenge: refresh the Tech Tank and activity & event pantries with supplies for programs.  $60
Support the stacks challenge: increase access to  audio books, games, eBooks, TV series, and more....

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Over the past 60 years, SGPL has provided countless programs, services, and resources to all members of our community. Since March 2020,  SGPL has been a consistent source of entertainment, business support, home-schooling, wellness help, and much more. In the words of our users, our important positive impact during these most difficult months provided “access”, “sanity”, “normalcy”, “comfort.”

More than ever before, SGPL is determined to continue to provide inclusive, diverse, and equitable programs, resources, and services for all members of our community throughout the decades to come. Starting June 1, CanadaHelps launches their annual Great Canadian Giving Challenge again with the opportunity for SGPL to win $20,000 in addition to the money donated by supporters like you. How does this work? Every dollar donated = another ballot for SGPL to win! 

SGPL understands what a financially difficult time the pandemic has been and will continue to be for so many of us. This fundraising campaign offers a variety of choices so you can give what you can--as an individual or a family--because every single dollar counts as an increased possibility for SGPL to win $20,000.