Plan of Service

Strategic Directions for 2019-2023

Based on the recommendation of the Library’s Community Planning Committee[1], SGPL’s Plan of Service will focus on three strategic directions for the 2019-2023 time period:

Visit a Comfortable Place: Community members of all ages will have barrier-free access to welcoming physical and virtual spaces.

Practice and Promote Inclusion: Community members of all ages will have programs and services that embrace diversity through acceptance, appreciation, and recognition of all people in our community.

Encourage Literacy: Community members of all ages will have programs and services that provide opportunity for life-long learning while helping them make sense of the world in a variety of ways.

A focus on these strategic directions will enable SGPL to respond to community needs at a standard of excellence.

The Plan of Service is a living document and, as action is taken, changes may be made to the plan and new objectives may be added to realize the Vision, Mission, Values and Goals of SGPL.

[1] SGPL used the Strategic Planning for Results process developed by Sandra Nelson for the Public Library Association of the United States to develop its 2019-2023 Plan of Service. This process includes the formation of a Community Planning Committee (CPC). The Committee identifies community needs and recommends priority service responses (strategic directions) for the library to respond to these needs. The SGPL Board reviewed and approved the CPC recommendation on May 15, 2018.

[2] Please see Appendix 1: Definitions of Key Terms for the definition of key terms used in the Plan of Service.