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The Spruce Grove Public Library was founded in 1961.  By the end of its first year the library boasted a collection of 750 items, a membership of 213 patrons, was open four hours a week, and circulated items from its modest collection of 2,201 items. 

The library moved to several different locations in its early years.  From its founding in 1961 to 2007 the library moved locations a total of 7 times,  gained new items, new technology and continued to be a well loved community hub.

  • 1961-1968- Highway 16 and King St.

  • 1968-1972– First St.

  • 1972-1974- Basement of Yellowhead Regional Library

  • 1974-1981- Town Administration Building on King St. 5th.

    • 1974: The library hired its first full time librarian, Marie Matiaszow.

    • 1975: City Council passes a bylaw making the library a municipal responsibility and the Spruce Grove Community Library became the Spruce Grove Public Library.

    • 1977: Audio-Visual Collection of phonograph records and 16mm films.

  • 1981-1991- Basement of the Shenfield Center

    • 1980s: Introduction of videocassettes and books on tape.

    • 1990: Spruce Grove Library introduced its first automated catalogue.

    • 1990: Foundation of the Friends of the Spruce Grove Library, a community group that organizes fundraisers, book sales, and other events to highlight the library in the community.

  • 1991-2007- King Street Mall

    • Mid-1990s:  Dial-up Internet connection available at the library

    • 1999: The Spruce Grove Public Library joins The Alberta Library (TAL) community)

  • 2007– Present- Melcor Cultural Centre

    • For more information about what Spruce Grove Public Library is currently all about read SGPL Present.

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