Library Account 101

Library Account 101: the 123s of managing your library account

Late return of library items are subject to overdue fees; lost or damaged items are subject to replacement fees. The maximum fine per item is $10.00 or the price of the item, whichever is less. The Library reserves the right to recover any charges incurred for the procurement of materials from other sources. 

Collection Items
Overdue Fees
Replacement Fees

Print Material, Books on CD, DVDs

 $0.25 / day

Protectors/Labels/...:  $1
Audio Book Case:     $10
Audio CD Page:      $1.50
CD/DVD Case:            $3

Literacy and Sensory Backpacks

 $1 / day

Costs listed inside backpacks

 Bibliotherapy Kits

 $1 / day

Costs listed inside backpacks

 Video Games

 $1 / day

Video Game Case:     $3

 Holds Non Pick-up

 $2 / item


 RFID Security Tags


 $2 each