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Published: August 02, 2019
Last Updated: August 04, 2019

Spruce Grove Public Library is worth $9.3 million to the community

“The concept of establishing a social return on investment for library services, and other public services, is an emerging field of study that challenges some fundamental principles in the capitalistic society in which we live,” said Dr. Gayle Broad

SGPL releases a study which shows the benefit of library services within the city is worth $9,538,117.

The social return on investment study was presented before city councillors earlier this year. The study was modelled after ROI strategies created by investors in the business world but is altered to better suit the needs of non-profits to gage the social impacts.

“[F]or every $1 the City of Spruce Grove invests into SGPL, there is a $7.96 social return on investment that contributes a total economic value of $9.5 million to our community,” said a statement issued by the Spruce Grove Library board finance committee.


(Published August 4, 2019 by the Spruce Grove Examiner)