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Welcome to Behind the Stacks, a Spruce Grove Public Library podcast with hosts Simone Cox and Courtney Entner. We are a podcast geared for adults to share our world with you. We will cover many topics such as interviews with authors, editors, illustrators, librarians, people in our community, showcase our amazing collection at the Spruce Grove Public Library, book reviews, inform everyone about resources and services available to them, and have fun. 

Episode 7- Happy New Year and SGPL's 60th Anniversary

We are back and ready for another fabulous year. Join hosts Simone and Courtney for interviews, book recommendations, local news and more. This year at the Spruce Grove Public Library is extra special, because 2021 will mark the year of our 60th anniversary. Be sure to listen for exciting events and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more details.

Special Episode- Blooper Reel 2020 

As a special holiday bonus we have a fun blooper reel for our fans. Thank you to all our listeners and we will see everyone back in the new year.

Episode 6- Dinosaurs and Moustaches

What is so special about dinosaurs and moustaches? Well, we are glad you asked. Tune in for our final, official episode of 2020. We will be back next year with all your favorite segments, more special guests, and fun conversations. Thank you to everyone for listening to all of our previous episodes and we hope you are all excited for more to come in the new year.

Happy Holidays

~From your intrepid hosts Courtney and Simone

Episode 5- Happy Birthday Neil Gaiman

Welcome back listeners to another exciting episode. This episode will have more excellent interviews and special insider scoops to the brand new and, sparkly Entwistle Library. Also we will be honoring the wonderful Neil Gaiman. Lots of great topics packed into this one episode. Happy listening!

Resource: "Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming” article

Episode 4- This is Halloween

Join our hosts and horror expert for a special spooktacular episode. Enjoy our creepy recommendations and cheesy sound effects. From the staff at SGPL, we wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween. Bone-appetit!

Episode 3- Comics, graphic novels and manga, oh my!

Here at the library, we have a book for every reader. This would include our comics, graphic novels and manga collection. Listen to this episode to hear some of our favorites from our hosts. And a few recommendations from our staff expert, Theresa.

Bonus Episode- The Director's Cut

We are very pleased to announce Leanne Myggland-Carter as our director at the Spruce Grove Public Library. Take a listen to this bonus episode and get to know a little more about about her.

Episode 2- Senior Staff and Censorship (part 2)

Here is part 2 where we will talk about our favorite time of year as public librarians. Take a listen and learn more about Banned Books Week (September 27- October 3) and some of our favorite banned books.

Episode 2- Senior Staff and Censorship (part 1)

We are back for another great episode. We had so much to say this episode, so we have created two parts. The first part will highlight our new segment "Hot Stuff" and some lovely interviews with Anastasia and Danielle V.

Episode 1- Pilot

Hello internet and welcome to Behind the Stacks. Join hosts Simone and Courtney for a fun podcast filled with interviews, book recommendations, a little backstage pass to the library world and so much more.

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