Spruce Grove Seed Library

We hope to start this new program in early 2022!

Start up seeds have been generously donated by the community of Spruce Grove and Kiwi Nurseries.

The Spruce Grove Seed Library is an ongoing community project. Our goal is to give everyone access to seeds to grow flowers and vegetables. 

Using the Seed Library is easy. Just ask library staff. You can choose seeds to take home for free. If you are able to harvest seeds from your plants at the end of the season, you can donate extra seeds back to the library.

Gardeners with more seeds than they can use are invited to donate seeds all year long.

All seed donations and pick-ups must be done in person at the Circulation Desk. A library card is not required to use the Seed Library.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Plant the seeds. If you are borrowing seeds labeled as easy, do a little research and learn how to save seeds from that plant. At the end of the season harvest your seeds, keep some for yourself and return the rest to the library. If you borrow seeds not marked easy, please enjoy your plants but only return the seeds if you are an experienced seed saver and know how to save the seeds properly.

The seeds in the Spruce Grove Seed Library (with the exception of commercial donations) are heirloom varieties. We encourage seed donors to practice organic growing methods and to be honest when providing information on their seed donations.

Easy varieties include: tomatoes, peas, beans, greens, peppers.