March Is…#StayHomeWriMo

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Wait, what’s happening?

Due to the measures many governments have taken and/or encouraged in response to COVID-19, the folks who are able to stay at home are doing so to protect their health and the health of their communities. Folks who provide vital services, including people who work at hospitals, grocery stores, and delivery services, continue to go to work to keep communities functioning.

Life has changed temporarily but drastically for many of us, and we are still in the process of adapting!

What’s #StayHomeWriMo?

To help engage our creativity and connect with others online while we're staying at home, we put together seven weekdays worth of activities you can try out to support your physical, mental, creative, and social well-being and we’re calling it #StayHomeWriMo!

#StayHomeWriMo website

Special Event: Virtual Writing Workshop with Peter Midgley

(photo: Shawna Lemay, 2019)

Write Imperfectly: Letting Go of Perfection to Improve your Writing

Tired of striving for perfection in an imperfect world? Peter Midgley invites to you be creatively imperfect in a world that seems to constantly strive for perfection. In this workshop, award-winning writer and editor, Peter Midgley, explores the links between imperfection and creativity. How can embracing imperfection assist us as writers? What are the links between imperfection and creativity? Why are imperfect characters and sloppy sentences a good thing? Learn to trust yourself and discover how to use fear of failure, shame, and vulnerability to become a better writer.

Saturday March 20th, 1:00-5:00pm

Online via Zoom

Registration required, space is limited

Please register here

Zoom, a third-party app, will be used for this virtual session. By joining, you acknowledge that SGPL does not take responsibility for Zoom's privacy policies and practices.

More About Peter Midgley

"In the course of thirty years working as a freelance editor, festival director, university lecturer, managing editor, acquisitions editor, clerk of court, bartender, janitor, and door-to-door salesman, I have acquired an Honours degree in Afrikaans and Dutch literature, and an MA in English and a PhD in English. It’s astounding what people leave in the garbage.

I wrote my first book when I was twelve. It was awful. I hope my writing has improved since then."

Reference: Midgley, Peter. "More About Me: The NoBull Version." Peter Midgley. 27 January 2021. Web.

You can learn more about Peter Midgley on his website and blog.

NaNoWriMo Resources

Writing Resources

  • Meet fellow writers from your community.

Novel Facts

The average novel has 250-300 words per page.

If you plan to write 500 words an hour for 25 hours a week, you can write 50 000 words in 4 weeks!!

Need some motivation? Check out these author pep talks!

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