Virtual Pokemon Club

Until further notice, all in-person programs at SGPL are cancelled due to the library's closure in an effort to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Welcome to the Virtual Pokémon Club for Kids!

Each month we will post Pokémon themed activities, crafts, games and recipes, along with other related fun things to do.

We invite you to participate in this facilitated, safe, and inclusive all-things-Pokémon program designed for children 7-12 years old. 

How to participate in the Virtual Pokémon Club

  1. Try out one or more of the featured activities, crafts, games or recipes.  Activities will be posted at the beginning of each month so you can access them all month long.
  2. Let us know what you thought of the activities and games and/or share some of your makes with us and we'll showcase them right here! Contact Sarah (Children & Youth Services Librarian) at with your reviews and photos! 
    (We will only post photos of your creations, any pictures including faces of your family and friends will not be showcased for privacy reasons. SGPL support and uphold the privacy provisions of Alberta's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act)

We can't trade or battle with Pokémon cards in-person right now BUT how about trying out some of these fun activities and we'll see you back at the library again very soon.

June Activities

Pokémon Fortune Teller

Have fun creating your own Pokémon Fortune Teller using this free template.

Full instructions and how-to video can be found at Easy Origami.

Pokémon Badge Case

Try making this easy DIY Pokémon case to hold all of your badges.

Get the free printable and instructions here: Merry Printables.

Make Your Own Pokéball

Try making your own cute Pokéball with this free printable: Merry Printables.

Pokémon Codebreaker and Other Puzzles

Can you solve the codebreakers and other challenging Pokémon themed puzzles here?: Teaching Squared

June Crafts 

Rock Painting Pokémon Style

Make your own garden decorations with these Pokémon themed rocks. They would make a great game of Hide and Seek. Can you catch them all?

Full info and the how-to video here at Rock Painting.

Pokéball Paper Plates

Make dinner time Pokémon time with these snazzy decorative plates.

Further info can be found at Parenting Chaos.

Pokémon Art

Try some Poke-Art for relaxation:

Winding Arts Path have some beautiful colouring sheets to try.

Woo Jr also have cool Pokemon Pixel Grid mystery colouring pages.

June Games 

Pokémon Virtual Trainer Test

Have you got what it takes?

Take our Pokémon
Trivia Quiz, whipped up by our very own Danielle V.: Take the test here, either by yourself or in a group. Suitable for fans of all ages.

Pokémon Go

Love playing Pokémon Go? Did you know that the game can still be played even during social isolation. Game designers have made some changes to allow us all to continue the adventure safely. Find out more here.

Download Pokémon Go at your app store.

June Food Fun

Pokeball Cheese Snack

This Pokémon pokéball cheese snack idea is perfect for your little fan.

Find this 'cheesy' recipe at Ruffles and Rain Boots.

Eat Like a Pokémon Master

Moving on from people food to Pokémon food, poffins made their debut in the Generation IV games to enhance a Pokémon’s chances of winning in a Pokémon contest. Although it’s a combination of the words "Pokémon" and "muffin," its appearance makes it look more like buns, scones, or cream puffs. Yum!
Find the full recipe and step by step video here: Feast of Fiction

For more iconic foods of the Pokémon series try Spoon University.

Find more games, shows and all things Pokémon at the Official Pokémon website.