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Each week we will explore new prompts to assist all levels of writers find their passion for writing.

How to participate in Virtual Write On!

  1. New prompts will be added on Wednesdays. Prompts can be scenarios, quotes, pictures, and music. Choose whichever prompt you would like and time yourself for 20 minutes of writing. Take a break and if you want to, try another 20 minute writing session.
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Writing Prompts

May 27th, 2020

1. You are a therapist and your new patient has a rare and extreme phobia. And you’re about to find out why. 
2. You live alone and have just finished playing your piano. Someone starts clapping for you. 
3. You’ve bought something off the internet and when it arrives, it’s not exactly what you anticipated 
4. Write about a time you tried something completely new 
5. Write about a time you laughed at the wrong time 

Extra Resources

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