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Welcome to an inclusive space where we will explore new prompts to assist all levels of writers find their passion for writing.

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  1. New prompts will be added every other Wednesdays. Prompts can be scenarios, quotes, pictures, and music. Choose whichever prompt you would like and time yourself for 20 minutes of writing. Take a break and if you want to, try another 20 minute writing session.
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Wednesday October 21st, 2020

  1. Write about something you had but was stolen. 
  2. There’s a thunderous knock at the door. You open it to find an improbably tall, black-robed figure towering over you with a scythe in one bony hand. The figure peers at you for a long moment, then looks down at a clipboard in its other hand. Then back at you. Then back at the paper. It has no apparent face, but you sense that it is puzzled. 
  3. I open the last book on earth. 
  4. Write about an argument at Sunday dinner. 
  5. You discover that your partner is a robot. 
  6. Write a scene or story that includes a character wearing a disguise or costume. 
  7. Write a scene or story that includes a monster or another character from a horror movie. 
  8. Add an original scene to the last movie you watched. 
  9. Complete the following sentence and write a scene or story that begins with it: “It’s strange to think that I never would have known about ____________ if I hadn’t taken that left turn.” 
  10. Write a scene or story that includes a piece of candy.

Extra Challenge: Write a one line story 

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