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SGPL Book In-house Book Clubs: A list will soon be added so you can get to know "us".
Your SGPL  Virtual Book Club: Check our Facebook page for updates.
Celebrity Book Clubs: We will keep an eye on these clubs and report back to you.

"Start your own" SGPL Book Club Kit

LitLovers: Getting Started
American Library Association: Choosing Titles
Novelist Plus & Reading Group: Reading Guides
  •  An easy 10 step guide for  starting a book club.
  •  Ideas for club activities, discussions, and how to handle tough issues.
  •  3,500 reading guides including discussion questions, book reviews, author biographies, and plot summaries.
  •  Featured book clubs; this could be your club!
  •  Games and icebreakers!

A starter guide for Book Discussion Groups, with handy lists of Do’s and Don’ts for book selection and meetings.

  •  Links to articles and blogs about book clubs.
  •  Suggested books for new book clubs.
  •  Community reads resources.
  •  “One Book Club” programs.

Novelist Plus offers:

  •  Recommended reads lists by genre, subject, and age group.
  •  Book appeal terms, so you can select a book with a specific type of character, illustration, pace, storyline, tone, and writing style.
  •  Search options for finding books in your library.

Reading Group Guides offers:

  •  More than 4000 guides.
  •  A  place to rate your book clubs picks.
  •  Links to the latest paperback releases.
  •  Contests!

Other Websites

Together We Read: a Canada-wide online book club.

Book Riot: a book vendor that offers articles, book lists, podcasts, contests, newsletters, a downloadable book group guide, and a world-wide book club list.

Goodreads: is a reader’s advisory website, that sends you book recommendations based on titles that you’ve previously read and rated.

Fantastic Fiction: a collection of book descriptions and author bibliographies.