Exam Proctoring

Need to write an exam?  Let us help you!

What We Offer

-A designated proctor to receive examination papers from your school and supervise your exam.  
-Examination laptops, quiet examination space. 
-Free exam proctoring services for SGPL cardholders*

*An SGPL cardholder must live in one of these YRL eligible municipalities. 

What You Do

To write an exam at SGPL, you must:

-fill out an exam request form at least 2 weeks in advance of your preferred exam date;

-submit all proctoring paperwork required by your school; 

-cover any postage costs associated with submitting your exam;

-bring any course mandated exam supplies (calculator, textbook, rulers/protractors etc.)

Exam Proctoring Hours
Sundays  1:00-5:00 PM
  • No exams during holiday closures. 
  • SGPL can not proctor DAT exams. 

*Examination services are limited to YRL TRAC Library Card holders. Don't have a card? Register online here.

If our services do not fit your needs, we suggest trying these other locations: