Library Tours

"Book" a FREE library tour today--SGPL staff would love to show your organization, class, club, or family why our award-winning library is so much more than just books. CLICK HERE TO REQUEST A TOUR!*

*All tours are booked in 15 min blocks and include:

  1. An information session about our Library services.
  2. A guided tour through the Library premises. 
  3. Pamphlets about Library Card Membership and Library programs.

NOTE: Tours are offered by age group for Children and Adults. Library Staff will not be available to provide a story time during the tour but you are welcome to use our space for stories with your group. 

Booking Requirements:

  • Submit booking requests at least 2 weeks in advance to allow for scheduling and planning.
  • Tours are based on staff availability.
  • Tours groups can not be larger than 30 people in size. Groups larger than 30 will need to be split.
  • Groups will need to have their own supervisors/teachers/leaders present during the tour; and any additional helpers or aides as needed.

Library tours availability:

  • September - November
  • January - June 

Tours will not be offered in December, July or August.