Sensory Kits and Items

What they are and how to use them

These items are exclusively available to cardholders of the Spruce Grove Public Library.

Sensory Items provide fun games, activities, that teach children about various topics. They also provide great support for families and children living with disabilities. Please see our catalog.

We also have sensory backpacks, which explore five categories:

Auditory: Focus on developing auditory skills (listening, matching sounds, recognizing both soft and loud sounds).

Tactile: Focus on becoming accustomed to a variety of materials, naming various textures, manipulating materials.

Visual: Focus on exploring and manipulating objects, investigating shapes for subtle differences.

Cause and Effect: Focus on developing the skill of the “one action leads to another”

Literacy: Focus on language acquisition

Download brochure. Please feel free to share this information with other families and caregivers.