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How does it work?

 Patron inspired collections. You get to personalize our collection with your tastes by selecting new books, movies, games, music etc.

 Get a discount. Purchase new materials through the library at 40% off the retail price. You receive a charitable tax receipt for your generosity. 

 Get it first. Be the first person to borrow the new items when they are added to our collection.

 Back on the stacks. After you are done enjoying the sponsored item, return it to us and it becomes a part of our collection. Your sponsorship is recognized with an inscription inside the item.

Make Your Selections

1. View our online pre-publication lists below:

  • Upcoming DVDs & Blurays *here*( let us know if you'd like a BluRay or DVD)
  • Upcoming Video Games *here*
  • Upcoming 

    Fiction & Non Fiction Books (check back in 2019 for the latest list)

2. Submit your selections. Want to sponsor a graphic novel, music CD, or something else not on the list? We could do that too!


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