Diversity FAQ

picture of lightbulbs with words inside including disability, inclusion, orientation, equality, gender, diversity, age, differences and race

This page has been developed to include our community in the sharing of knowledge around terms and information regarding diversity with the willingness to join SGPL as we learn, unlearn and relearn together.

Diversity: diversity encompasses race, religious belief, indigeneity, colour, gender, physical disability, mental disability, marital status, ancestry, age, place of origin, family status, sexual orientation, and gender identification, as well as other characteristics that shape an individual’s attitudes, behaviours and perspectives. 

Equity: Striving for a system that benefits everyone, no matter their circumstance. 

Inclusion: It’s the act of welcoming, supporting, respecting, and valuing all individuals and groups. 

Venn diagram of three overlapping circles representing diversity equity and inclusion. The centre part is labelled belonging.

Spruce Grove Public Library offers information and resources about issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Please browse the following links below to find some resources available via the Spruce Grove Public Library website: 

Spruce Grove Public Library's commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

Everyone should be able to realize their potential at Spruce Grove Public Library. Everyone has a right to feel respected, safe, and included within the library and community. To ensure that, we must work to eliminate societal barriers to full inclusion in our programs, services, internal operations, and institutional culture. We have a responsibility to create and maintain an environment of equity, diversity, inclusion, and dignity in all spaces we occupy and in all aspects of our community role. We continue to listen, learn, and act in collaboration with the City of Spruce Grove and community partners.

Spruce Grove Public library is committed to the value of diversity, equity and inclusion. Please complete our online form to share any comments or concerns about diversity, equity and inclusion in Spruce Grove Public Library. Please note that all submissions will be kept confidential in compliance with FOIP legislation; if necessary to complete the investigation, a person information release may be required. All concerns and/or complaints will be forwarded to the Community Complaints Officer who will deliver the message to the Director of Library Services.