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To provide an informative and entertaining method to reach out to our community of Spruce Grove. Topics that are covered, but not limited to, are interviews with special guests, book reviews, programs and services available at the library and news about the Tri-Region area.

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Episode Descriptions

Episode 39- Our Interview with author Danielle Frey

May is mental health awareness month and we have a very special guest! Author Danielle Frey joins Simone to talk about her book "To the Edge & Back: a Memoir of Mental Illness" which is available to purchase through Indigo, Amazon and of course to borrow through TRAC!

Danielle's interview begins at - 9mins.43sec

Episode 38 - Our Interview with author Alison Clarke!

As we celebrate Black History Month we are delighted to welcome our special guest for this episode, author Alison Clarke! Alison is a poet and author of the "Sisterhood" series and the poetry collection "Phillis"

For more information on Alison, you can visit her website:

Episode 37 - The First Episode of 2023!

BTS is back! Knowledge keeper Barb chats with us about celebrating creativity month, we highlight all the exciting programs happening at SGPL and with our community partners and get the lowdown on what we've been watching and reading.

BONUS: Blooper Reel

All our flubs, bleeps and bloopers from 2022. Enjoy! 

Episode 35 - The Last Episode of 2022!

Another year over. We look over all the cool events happening at the library and in Spruce Grove this holiday season and get ready for our epic blooper reel coming very soon!

Episode 34 - Looking Back Over 2022 at SGPL

In this episode, we'll be going back over our favorite moments here at the Library along with what's happening in Spruce Grove and some interesting choices for our "Watcha Reading" segment!

Episode 33 - Is Courtney a Robot?

Take a listen to learn about all the great things that are happening at SGPL and with our community partners.  We also continue Courtney's journey of watching 80's and 90's movies and find out if she is actually an emotionless cyborg. 

Episode 32 - Behind the Stacks is Back!

We took a break over the summer but...we're back! Hear about exciting programs and events happening in September and listen to the list of 80's movie that Courtney has FINALLY watched! Will Simone be impressed? Stay tuned to find out!

Episode 31 - Comic Con Is On The Way!

May is packed and Courtney is back!

Take a listen to learn all the great things that are happening at SGPL and with our community partners. Our new "Watcha Reading..." has some great titles from past and present AND find out what's happening at the SGPL Comic Con on Saturday, May 7th.

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Message from BTS: Behind the Stacks will return in May!

Just a quick message to let you know that we will be returning bigger and better than ever with our SGPL Comic Con episode in May! 

Episode 30 - Transgender Day of Visibility

As Spring finally begins, we share with you all the exciting programs coming up here at SGPL. March 31st is also "Transgender Day of Visibility" we have a special guest, music, poetry and of course all our regular Behind the Stacks segments, although it is a bit shorter with Simone hosting by herself! Will she get through without any major disasters happening? Listen and find out.

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Episode 29- Shamrocks Should Be Blue

March is packed! Take a listen to learn all the great things that are happening at SGPL. As well, learn about the very weird origins of St. Patrick's DayTake a listen to hear the answers for the International Women's Day Trivia Contest.

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Episode 28- Books, Movies and Games Coming Soon

This year is off to an excellent start. Listen to learn more about library updates and new events taking place. We are continuing the love, with a list of book recommendations from Behind the Stacks special guest, Chelsea. As well, some of our hosts' favorite books, games, and movies they are looking forward to coming out in 2022.

Episode 27- What We Love About the Library!

February is packed with so much excitement, including Black History Month, Valentine's Day and new programs and events at the library. Take a listen to hear the answers for the Black History Month Trivia Contest.
Complete contest details and contest entry form, click HERE. Paper copies of the trivia contest can be picked up at the library.

Episode 26- Hello 2022

Welcome back listeners to the first 2022 episode. Learn about all the amazing programs and services being offered at the Spruce Grove Public Library. Do you need some book or movie recommendations? Take a listen to learn what our hosts have been reading and watching.

Special Episode- Blooper Reel 2021

Our blooper reel episode has returned. Enjoy a quick clip of the host's "whoopsies" and tongue ties. 

Episode 25- The Final "Official" Episode of the Year

Time sure flies when you are having fun. Take a listen as we wrap up the year with our final episode of 2021. Thank you to all of our listeners and supporters. Behind the Stacks would not exist without you. Until next year, happy holidays to everyone and we will see you in the New Year!

Episode 24- Dinovember

Are you terrible at pronouncing dinosaur names? Our hosts try their best to pronounce some of the most difficult dinosaur names there are. All for fun in celebrating Dinovember, which occurs for the month of November.

How to pronounce dinosaur names YouTube channel
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Episode 23- This is Halloween 2

It is our hosts favorite time of year and we have an EXTRA special episode. Please welcome our special guest Shelby Scott from her amazing podcast, Scare You To Sleep. You might want to sleep with the lights on.

Please also enjoy Shelby's special episode Guided Nightmare: Library

Episode 22- Squid Game

Join hosts Simone and Courtney as we talk about the #1 show on Netflix that everyone is talking about, Squid Game. We will also discuss our favorite other Korean TV shows that we highly recommend.

Red light, green light, 1,2,3, GO! 무궁화 꽃 이 피었 습니다

Warning there may be some spoilers in this episode.

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Episode 21- Happy One Year Anniversary

We have done it folks! Behind the Stacks is officially one year old. Take a listen as we take the time to reflect and enjoy how far we have come since out very first episode, which aired on September 3, 2020. Thank you very much listeners for all your support. This could not have been done without you.

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Episode 20- It's Back to School Season

For our first September episode, we are going to explore both of our hosts' time at school. English vs Canadian schools goes head to head! We give this episode an A+.

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Episode 19- Meet our New Librarian

We are back listeners with our first August episode. This episode we are talking about librarians in pop culture and a very special interview with our new librarian at SGPL, Melanie.

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UPDATE: Our escape room program has been postponed until further notice

Episode 18- Canadian Pop Culture

Join us for a special Canada episode! Simone talks about moving here from England all the way back in 2005 and all the strange and wonderful things she discovered such as toques, poutine and so much snow! The ladies also discuss their favorite Canadian tv shows, movies and music.

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Episode 17- June Jubilations

We are almost half way through the year and, we are not slowing down. June is packed with Pride, Indigenous History Month, WEAAD, and so much more. Take a listen to find out all the amazing stuff happening in June!

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Book List About Residential Schools

Episode 16- Pandemic Positivity

As we are nearing reopening and with less restrictions, we wanted to self reflect and take a moment to talk about a few positive outcomes from COVID 19. Some of us had to dig deep but please share with us some of your positive moments you have had by emailing us at

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Episode 15- Comic Con 2021

Our Comic Con 2021 event is finally here! We have some exciting activities planned for our community and we will go into a little bit of what we are offering this month. It is also Canadian Children's Book Week from May 2-8, 2021. We are also welcoming our special guest, Sarah who is our Children's Librarian at the Spruce Grove Public Library. Be sure to listen and find out the answer to the question that will enter you into our Comic Con Podcast Contest. Stay tuned and live long and prosper. Click HERE to find the Comic Con 2021 webpage.

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Episode 14- To be, or not to be...

April is National Poetry Month and we are celebrating with staff poems, fun poetry games and a returning special guest. Listen as our hosts Simone and Courtney dive into their favorite poets and answer the age old question, what rhymes with orange?

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Episode 13- Beyond the Easter Bunny

UPDATE: In person library programs have been postponed on April 7, due to the library closure. Some content in this episode may no longer be applicable since the episode went live before the announcement.

Like the white rabbit we’re late for a very important date but here’s our Easter episode. We will be discussing all thing Easter including encounters with rabbits and our favorite chocolates. Now hop along.

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Episode 12- #StayHomeWriMo#

StayHomeWriMo is an online event ,similar to NaNoWriMo, to help engage our creativity and connect with others online while we're staying at home. For this episode we got a chance to interview local author, Rick Lauber to talk about his writing tips and tricks for future writers.

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Episode 11- EmpowHer

Our first March episode is finally here! This episode is all about celebrating women, from International Women's Day on March 8th to Women's History Month. We will also be having a special interview with our Check In guru, Sherry.

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Episode 10- Life is Like a Romance Book

Here at the library, we certainly enjoy our romance novels. And like a romantic book where they’re almost out of time but they finally make it, our Valentine episode is up! Listen for excellent book recommendations from our staff expert Chelsea and a very special interview with local author, Patty Johns.

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Episode 9- February is Black History Month

What is Black History Month? During Black History Month, people in Canada celebrate the many achievements and contributions of Black Canadians and their communities who, throughout history, have done so much to make Canada the culturally diverse, compassionate, and prosperous nation it is today. For this special episode, we have our Board Trustee Jan Gillett share her family history with us. Take a listen.

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Episode 8- A Touch of Magic...

We are adding a sprinkle of fairy dust to this episode and talking all things Disney. Join our special guest and Disney fan Kelsey as we discuss our favorite movies and to test our knowledge about this magical fandom.

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Episode 7- Happy New Year and SGPL's 60th Anniversary

We are back and ready for another fabulous year. Join hosts Simone and Courtney for interviews, book recommendations, local news and more. This year at the Spruce Grove Public Library is extra special, because 2021 will mark the year of our 60th anniversary. Be sure to listen for exciting events and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more details.

Special Episode- Blooper Reel 2020 

As a special holiday bonus we have a fun blooper reel for our fans. Thank you to all our listeners and we will see everyone back in the new year. 

Episode 6- Dinosaurs and Moustaches

What is so special about dinosaurs and moustaches? Well, we are glad you asked. Tune in for our final, official episode of 2020. We will be back next year with all your favorite segments, more special guests, and fun conversations. Thank you to everyone for listening to all of our previous episodes and we hope you are all excited for more to come in the new year.

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Happy Holidays

~From your intrepid hosts Courtney and Simone


Episode 5- Happy Birthday Neil Gaiman

Welcome back listeners to another exciting episode. This episode will have more excellent interviews and special insider scoops to the brand new and, sparkly Entwistle Library. Also we will be honoring the wonderful Neil Gaiman. Lots of great topics packed into this one episode. Happy listening!

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Resource: "Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming” article


Episode 4- This is Halloween

Join our hosts and horror expert for a special spooktacular episode. Enjoy our creepy recommendations and cheesy sound effects. From the staff at SGPL, we wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween. Bone-appetit!

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Episode 3- Comics, graphic novels and manga, oh my!

Here at the library, we have a book for every reader. This would include our comics, graphic novels and manga collection. Listen to this episode to hear some of our favorites from our hosts. And a few recommendations from our staff expert, Theresa.

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Bonus Episode- The Director's Cut

We are very pleased to announce Leanne Myggland-Carter as our director at the Spruce Grove Public Library. Take a listen to this bonus episode and get to know a little more about about her.

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Episode 2- Senior Staff and Censorship (part 2)

Here is part 2 where we will talk about our favorite time of year as public librarians. Take a listen and learn more about Banned Books Week (September 27- October 3) and some of our favorite banned books.

Episode 2- Senior Staff and Censorship (part 1)

We are back for another great episode. We had so much to say this episode, so we have created two parts. The first part will highlight our new segment "Hot Stuff" and some lovely interviews with Anastasia and Danielle V.

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Episode 1- Pilot

Hello internet and welcome to Behind the Stacks. Join hosts Simone and Courtney for a fun podcast filled with interviews, book recommendations, a little backstage pass to the library world and so much more.


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