Room Rentals

SGPL is the place with the space for you! Here you can conduct your next business meeting and inspire your organization and the community. 

Room restrictions:

  • No liquor will be permitted in this facility

To book your space:

A) please email your room rental inquiry to

B) Once your date has been confirmed, our Administrative Team will forward you a room rental package.

Room Rental Contract for One-time use and Multi-Day Use

 Please refer to  "Library Hours"  here.

 Room Name Regular Rate  Non-profit Rate
(proof of non-profit
status required)
Maximum Capacity 
due to COVID-19
 Availability Features 
Meeting Rooms A & B
 $25/hour 12 chairs
10 tables
Library Hours
After Closing
Whiteboard (2)
65" Smart TV &
DVD player

Have a peek at the rooms!

Meeting Room A

Meeting Room B