Strategic Plan of Service 2024-2026


The Spruce Grove Public Library’s 2024-2026 Strategic Plan of Service provides a roadmap that was developed by Board members and senior staff members. It is important that both Board and senior staff work together to achieve the priorities that are outlined in this plan.

Also important is the recognition that the external environment in which the library operates may shift. In response, this Strategic Plan of Service also may have to shift to remain relevant. As with any plan, regular reviews and updates will be important.

The SGPL Strategic Plan of Service provides intentional direction that advances the library’s vision, mission, and values; it is a roadmap that guides development and delivery of accessible programs, services, and resources while practicing and promoting adaptability in an ever-changing environment.


Curiosity, connections, learning, and belonging in a shared space


Create welcoming places



What it Means


Judgement-free use of programs, services and resources that provide and support a welcoming place for all.


Barrier-free access to programs, services, and resources that practice and promote intellectual freedom for all


Unlimited encouragement to explore and discover what’s new, forgotten, and familiar to you

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Unlimited opportunities to encounter and experience what is meaningful, enriching and representative of you


Limitless commitment to and consideration of providing responsive and creative delivery of programs, services, and resources to the community.  


Purposeful connections made and respectful actions taken for the betterment of the community.

The Spruce Grove Public Library (SGPL) is dedicated to organizational excellence, and the SGPL Board is proud of the incredible diversity and depth of expertise among our staff. It is through their hard work and commitment to the community—each and every day— that the library has provided a welcoming place that practices and promotes inclusion and encourages life-long learning for the past 5 years.

Looking to the future, we continue to strive for organization-wide improvements that directly benefit all who visit and use SGPL, including those who work and volunteer there. In addition to transparent governance and fiscal accountability, strategic planning is essential to ensure the library’s ongoing success.

Early in 2023, City of Spruce Grove Library Board Trustees met to identify service priorities and develop a new 3-year plan for Spruce Grove Public Library (SGPL). Library boards in Alberta are responsible for creating this plan which is based on an assessment of community needs. In order to grow and change with our community, we need to understand where we are now and how best to identify what may lie ahead.

In the 2024-2026 SGPL Strategic Plan of Service (SPoS), the SGPL Board has identified progressive and responsive pillars, goals, and tactics for the library’s ever-changing environment; pillars (areas of focused attention) support goals (desired changes over time) that are accomplished by tactics (specific activities related to pillars and goals) and measured by outcomes (key indicators and statistical data).

Consequently, the SPoS that follows provides clear direction for consistent achievement of excellent library experiences for our growing and diverse population of community members and visitors. Whether they are simply seeking a welcoming place to gather or accessing programs, services, and resources, the SGPL Director and team will be equipped and ready to respond to their needs.

We acknowledge that there will be instances when this plan needs to change due to unforeseen circumstances, and we will adapt along the way. Now, however, the SPoS is our best expression of how SGPL can best serve the community in the years to come.



Adam McArthur, Chair

City of Spruce Grove Library Board

Demands on, and expectations of, SGPL are continuously increasing and evolving; long gone are the days when libraries served only as quiet repositories of books. Rather, SGPL is now a vibrant community space where all people are invited to connect, learn, and play without experiencing judgement or overcoming other barriers.

Based on what we heard during the plan building process, everything in this Strategic Plan of Service can be traced back to meeting the needs of the community that were identified through several surveys, consultation, and ideas generated by the members of the library board.

The overall consultation generated ideas from the community, and since the library board is charged with identifying the best path forward, some of the ideas that were generated are outlined in this plan, while other ideas are not included. Making this difficult choice is a role that is a key aspect of a governance board like a library board.

This plan sets out the long-term activity for SGPL. Below the level of this plan, library management is expected to identify how to achieve these goals and tactics, and to measure progress through the use of key performance indicators.

The library board also acknowledges that this Strategic Plan of Service is about change over time, and as such, there is a great deal of activity that occurs at an operational level in the library. That ongoing work is not part of any strategic plan, but more properly belongs in the library’s business plan or operational plan.

Priorities that put the strategy into this Strategic Plan of Service


Pillar:  Key area of focus – the “why”

Goal:  Accomplishment – the “what”

Tactic: Activity – the “how”

Measure:  Outcome (the “how much”)


Pillar 1 Provide and Sustain Collections, Programs, and Services that Respond to   Community Need

Goal:  Excellent collection, program, and service experienced by all.


Pillar 2 Identify and Improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Everything We Do

Goal: Trusted opportunities, connections, and relationships with all.


Pillar 3 Prepare for and Respond to Future Environmental and Infrastructure Needs

Goal:  Recognition as an influencer, accessibility advocate, and sustainability champion.


Pillar 4 Establish and Ensure Effective Governance that Encourages Organizational Excellence

Goal:  Recognition as a key community stakeholder and collaborative recipient of provincial and municipal funding